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Mikri Vigla Beach

Naxos is an island in the Cyclades, surrounded by the blue waters of the Aegean. Its coastline provides shelter for those looking for a place to relax, as well as for those looking for exciting water sports. Among the most popular and calm beaches of Naxos, the beach Mikri Vigla offers the ideal combination of tranquility and modern facilities.

In the southwestern part of the island, Mikri Vigla is a beach of exceptional beauty and unique natural beauty. Its name reveals its previous purpose, as Vigla means observatory. So this beach was a small observatory for the islanders, avoiding enemy invasions from the sea. There is a steep cliff that divides Mikri Vigla into two smaller bays, Limanaki and Parthenon. That's where the locals hid and looked at the open seas.

The beach is fully organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas making your stay even more enjoyable. The soft silky sand, golden color and transparent waters have made it an idyllic destination for newlyweds, couples in love and undoubtedly for young people and families. Fans of water sports can enjoy kite surfing and wind surfing, while there are beach bars and restaurants that can satisfy all tastes! The view from the beach is at least magnificent, with the horizon fading and mixing all these beautiful colors together.

Enjoy the sun and dive in the crystal clear waters of the beach of Mikri Vigla, enjoy the cool sea breeze. Whether you are looking for relaxation or adrenaline on your vacation, Little Vigla in Naxos is a great choice within walking distance of Apricot and Sea Luxury Villas!

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