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General information

Apricot & Sea is located in Naxos, in the area of ​​Orko, in the southwestern part of the island, just 15 minutes from Chora and the harbor. Naxos, in the center of the island complex of the Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, an island chosen by the Greek Gods, has endless beaches, unique local products and well-hidden mountain villages. The island of Naxos offers much more than you expect.

Ways of accessing Naxos:

Fastest option: By airplane via internal flight from Athens International Airport: 45 minutes flight
Slower options but potentially more economical:
By ferry from Rafina port which is the closest port to the airport: 3 hours (high speed ferries) to 5 hours (lower speed ferries)
By ferry from Piraeus port which is the main port of Athens and is situated closer to the center of the city: from 3.5 hours (high speed ferries) to 5 hours (lower speed ferries)

Find us

  • When you reach the harbor, drive straight for about 500m until you reach a small bridge in front of you.
  • There, turn right (50m before the bridge, at this point the Super Market Vidal is on your left) and then
    Turn left for 40m until you reach the main road.
  • Drive forward for about 200m and then.Turn left at the junction (at this point the hospital is on your left).
  • Continue for 50m until you reach the junction where you turn right to the area of ​​Agios Prokopios - Airport.
  • Go straight to the Airport. You will see the airport on your right!
  • Proceed straight for 2 km.
  • At the crossroads you will continue straight to Mikri Vigla.
  • You will come across a sign saying "Little Vigla-Orkos" and turn right there
  • Follow this dirt road for about 1 kilometer and then you will reach Orkos Beach on your right.
  • There, you turn left uphill for 300 meters and you can reach the villa's parking area right in front of you.


Apricot & Sea wants to inspire confidence in you and that is why we are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. Choose the way that suits you and stay informed. Thank you

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