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Greek Gastronomy

A journey of flavors & freshness in your plate

Greek cuisine is world famous for its rich taste and the wonderful combinations of high-quality ingredients. Both delicious and nutritious, traditional recipes have become true favorites of travelers everywhere. Simplicity is celebrated through sumptuous salads and appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Nothing unpretentious, nothing sophisticated, only the mastery of local housewives and chefs that have instilled the art of Greek gastronomy.

The most popular dish perhaps in the entire world related to Greece is the Choriatiki. A salad made of scarlet red tomatoes and cucumber, green peppers and feta cheese, olives and olive oil. Sprinkled with oregano and maybe some capers, this is a marvelous dish to accompany any meal. Especially with sourdough bread, this is the ultimate combo! It is filling and healthy, too. Without adding feta cheese, it can turn into a vegan's delight too!

Naxian cuisine features some truly amazing recipes, apart from the legendary fresh fish and seafood of the Aegean Sea. Arseniko is a type of cheese that can be found all over the island, as part of cheese pies or salads. Then, there is a dish called Tourtes, a pie made of wild greens. And of course, all the typical Greek dishes are offered in taverns and restaurants by the sea. Last but not least, Greek gastronomy in Naxos could not be complete without the perfect wine varieties. Viticulture has flourished over the centuries all over the country, leading to wine production that is worth discovering! So choose wisely and have a taste of sumptuous chilled wine, in between heavenly bites of Greek delicacies...Enjoy your vacations in Naxos, staying at Apricot and Sea Luxury Villas in Mikri Vigla and savoring exquisite flavors in each dish you order!

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