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Archaelogical sites to visit at naxos

It is well known that Greece is a country with a long history dating back thousands of years. The island of Naxos is no exception to this rule! Here are some of the most important archeological sites to visit if you are on the island:

Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo is one of the first attractions a visitor sees when approaching the port. The island of Palatia hosts the ruins of the temple and its imposing marble gate, known as Portara.

Grota Archaeological Site

Archaeological excavations in the 1980s have uncovered the ruins of the Mycenaean city of Naxos, dating from 1300 BC, just 300 meters from the port of Chora. Part of the city wall is still in good condition. This fascinating location gives visitors the opportunity to see the ancient ruins at the exact spot where they were found during the excavations.

The Sanctuary of Dionysus in Iria

To the south of Naxos is one of the most important shrines of Naxos, which was dedicated to Dionysus and probably to a female deity of nature. The religious function of the sanctuary of Iria dates from 1300 BC. Here, one can see the history of worship in sanctuaries and the creation of special buildings for this purpose.

Gyroulas in Sagri

The important archeological site in Gyroulas, with the recently renovated Temple of Demeter and a remarkable museum, is located near the village of Sagri. An impressive temple was built there at the end of the 6th century, probably dedicated to the deities Apollo, Demeter and the Daughter.

Other attractions

Apart from the above, there are several other sites of archaeological interest in Naxos: the ancient quarry of Apollo near the homonymous coastal settlement, where you will admire an impressive unfinished statue "Kouros", the Mycenaean tomb in Hosti, the ancient aqueduct of Naxos and its prefecture acropolis in Panermos.

Whether you are a fan of archeology or just want to combine your relaxing stay at Apricot and Sea Luxury Villas with educational trips, one thing is for sure: Naxos will impress you!

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